11 Mind Expanding Joe Rogan Podcast Episodes

11 Mind Expanding Joe Rogan Podcast Episodes

I spent last weekend catching up on some recent Joe Rogan podcast episodes. I really enjoyed a particular episode that featured Jason Silva, in fact I think it’s one of the best episodes in a very long time.

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast is fascinating in that every two hour episode radically varies in topics, mood, and pace from one another. Sometimes the focus is martial arts, psychedelics, or even future technologies and the singularity concept.

Jason Silva, with the help of Joe Rogan (obviously) managed to run a quick paced episode that was packed full of intelligent and mind expanding conversation that even made me that much more excited about the future of technological capabilities. Brian Redban, the show’s co-host, who is known for derailing past podcast episodes with off-kilter banter, was surprisingly well behaved during the Jason Silva episode.

Anyway, if you’re into podcasts (they help during long days at the office), the Joe Rogan Experience is not to be missed. This is a list of my favorite episodes thus far:

PODCAST #183 – Jason Silva

PODCAST #177 – Hamilton Morris

PODCAST #173 – Peter Joseph

PODCAST #170 – Michael Ruppert

PODCAST #165 – Bruce Lipton

PODCAST #164 – Shane Smith

PODCAST #142 – Graham Hancock

PODCAST #138 – Anthony Bourdain

PODCAST #137 – Tim Ferriss

PODCAST #136 – Daniel Pinchbeck

PODCAST #125 – Giorgio Tsoukalos

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